Focus on grazing, pastures and animals

Focus on grazing, pastures and animals



  • Grazing licence example – provided by BCN Wildlife Trust. We recommend that a grazing licence or approved agreement is issued between the land owner/manager and the grazier for the period requiring grazing.
  • BCN Wildlife Trust’s leaflet on conservation grazing

Match making service

Grazing and land matchmaking service is provided by this website. If you are in need of land for your grazing animals or vice versa, please click here.


Animal breeds

  • Breed profile handbook available from the Grazing advice Partnership (GAP) website
  • Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust website
  • Riggit Gallaway society website

Identification, movement and tracing of animals

  • Defra provide information about livestock movements, identification and tracing for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, deer and horses on their website.
  • Information about electronic Identification (EID) for sheep can be found on Defra’s website.
  • Information about cattle identification and movement can be found on Defra’s website.

Movement forms and movement record keeping

  • Trading Standards are responsible for the enforcement of a wide range of legislation relating to agricultural holdings and the keeping of livestock. This work includes animal movement and record keeping. For more information, for example, about what this means, how to get copies of the licence forms and movement record book, contact details for your local trading standard office, click here.

Farmed animal welfare during transportation

  • Defra provide detailed but easy to follow guides on their website.

Animal diseases

  • Defra provide detailed but easy to follow guides on controlling animal diseases, disease prevention, disease notification and restrictions, dealing with animal by-products and fallen stock on their website.
  • Defra provide a list of animal diseases and how to spot them. This includes information about Bluetongue, BSE, Equine Infectious Anaemia, Foot and Mouth, Scapie and Tuberculosis on their website.


  • Leaflet produced by BCN Wildlife Trust on ‘pasture management for horses and wildlife.
  • ‘Paddocks for ponies and biodiversity’ leaflet produced by Flora Locale -available on their website
  • Leaflet produced by the Chilterns Conservation Board on land management for horse owners
  • The Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre (AVMC) website has information on pasture Management (horses and Ponies), poisonous and unfriendly plants, herbs for pasturelands and much more on their website. This website is produced by Chris Day, a veterinary surgeon, based in Oxfordshire.
  • British Horse Society website.
  • Book – Managing Grass for Horses: The Responsible Owner’s Guide by Elizabeth O’Beirne Ranelagh.

Pasture management

Leaflets and handbooks

Match making service

Grazing and land matchmaking service is provided by this website. If you are in need of grazing animals to graze your land or vice versa click here.

Useful websites 

Defra –

East of England Grazing Forum –

English Beef and Lamb Executive (Eblex) –

EU’s Rural Development Policy –

Floodplain Meadows Partnership –

Go Grazing –

Grazing Animals Project (GAP) –

National Farmers’ Union (NFU) –

National Sheep Association (NSA) –

Natural England –

Post code finder – 

Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) –

Sheep Keep –

Small Shepherds Club –

Small Farm Forum –

Soil Association –

The Sheep Trust –

TwoMills herd (riggit gallaway, red gallaway and wiltshire horns), Bury St Edmunds –

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