Welcome to the hay page of this website.  This page is designed to help:

  1. Landowners/land-managers find someone to come and cut their meadow for hay.
  2. Animal owners find suitable baled hay.
  3. Landowners and land-managers sell baled hay.

So if you need help with any of the above, please register your details, for FREE, by clicking on the relevant forms below and answering some simple questions:

  • If you own or manage a meadow and would like to find someone to come and cut it for hay please click here.
  • If you are an animal owner in need of hay please register your hay requirements by clicking here.
  • If you are a farmer, landowner or land-manager with baled hay for sale, please register your details by clicking here.

Once you have filled in the form and submitted it, it will be emailed automatically to the Wildlife Site Officers who will upload your details onto the hay exchange page of the website.  The hay exchange page can be viewed by all potential matches.

Search for hay for sale, meadows available for making hay or people in need of hay

If you have any concerns about registering your details, please read our privacy policy or contact us for more information.

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