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Date Registered View Name Location Species Number of stock Distance prepared to travel (miles) Season(s) Available
03rd Feb 2011 View Caroline Barnes Flitwick Horses 2 5 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
03rd Feb 2011 View Vicki Barrett Stevington, Bedfordshire Horses 1-4 3 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
03rd Feb 2011 View Bill Rawding Eaton Bray, Dunstable Cattle,Sheep Sheep – 3000; Cattle – 400 100 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
03rd Feb 2011 View Oliver Hudson Felmersham, Bedfordshire Cattle,Sheep about 20 red poll and 40 sheep 10 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
30th Jan 2011 View Graemem Forsyth 2 Lanes end, Heath & Reach Cattle,Sheep 10-100 20 Spring,Summer,Autumn
13th Jan 2011 View Hannah Fehr 64 Third Ave Horses 10 10 – Stevenage / Luton Pref. Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
09th Nov 2010 View Rodger Barrett Chatteris, Cambridgeshire up to 20. I am happy to split the welsh mountain ponies up into smaller herds depending on the amount of grazing available Looking for grazing in Beds, Cambs, Norfolk or Northants Winter
08th Oct 2010 View J.c & J.S Helliwell Wootton Park Farm, Wootton, Bedfordshire Cattle,Sheep 100 15 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
27th Sep 2010 View Andrew Burnage 72 Sharpenhoe Road, Streatley, Beds Cattle up to 30 10 mile radius of Streatley Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
25th Sep 2010 View nick wallace 14 high street barkway herts Cattle 10 25 miles Summer,Autumn
01st Sep 2010 View ceiron galbraith Horses 1 14hh gelding 30 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
23rd Aug 2010 View Lynne Tyler Henlow, Bedfordshire Horses 2 at present (plus a foal next year ) up to 10 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
17th Aug 2010 View Sam Newland Cambourne Horses 2 10 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
11th Aug 2010 View Tom Williams Maydencroft Farm, Maydencroft Manor, Gosmore, Hitchin Cattle,Sheep,Other 120 50 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
04th Aug 2010 View Bonnie Relph 121 Gordon Road, Little Paxton, St Neots, Camb Horses 3 20 miles ish Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
24th Jun 2010 View Mrs Heidi Keates Bedford Horses 2 3 miles Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
28th May 2010 View Tim Waygood Church Farm, Ardeley, Stevenage Cattle,Sheep up to 50 cattle and 200 sheep 15-20 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
24th May 2010 View Rob Pratt Home Farm, Northall, Dunstable, Beds Cattle,Sheep 3000 25 mile radius Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
21st May 2010 View David Goodman Streatley, Bedfordshire Cattle,Sheep,Other 30-150 sheep, 10-20 cattle, pigs 30 Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
21st May 2010 View Stuart and Rosemary Creasey Kimbolton, Huntingdon Cattle 150 10 miles if no stock watching is available but much further if it is Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
Displaying 1 to 20 of 20

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