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Date Registered View Name Area available Location Stock Wanted Season(s) Available
27th Feb 2014 View Susan Durman CAMBRIDGESHIRE Earith Sheep Spring,Summer,Autumn
17th Oct 2013 View Mr M Barber 5 acres plus Wilburton sheep Spring,Autumn
03rd Oct 2013 View Jo Ward 1/2 to 1 acre Dry Drayton Spring,Autumn,Winter
01st Oct 2013 View Anita and David Goddard-Gill 2-3 acres Kimbolton / Tilbrook Cattle, sheep, goats Spring,Summer,Autumn
01st Oct 2013 View D Sneath 4 acres Little Eversden Cattle, Sheep, Goats Spring,Winter
01st Oct 2013 View M Constant 5 – 8 acres Alconbury Cattle, Sheep, Goats Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
01st Oct 2013 View M Slack 5 acres Braughing Sheep Autumn,Winter
01st Oct 2013 View A Peacock 50 acres Eltisley Sheep Autumn,Winter
01st Oct 2013 View W Ward 5 acres Bourn Sheep Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
01st Oct 2013 View W Donaldson 5 St Neots Sheep Autumn
27th May 2013 View Sally Lynn 4 acres Flitton Summer
18th Mar 2013 View Mrs Charmaine Donovan 1.5 acres Bluntisham sheep Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
08th Feb 2013 View Emma Chambers 4-6 acres Podington Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
18th Dec 2012 View Frank Gawthrop approx 3 acres Caldecote (7 miles west of Cambridge) sheep, cattle, horses Spring,Summer
04th Dec 2012 View Nick Kiddy 2 areas – 3 acres and 5 acres Felmersham Cattle Summer,Autumn
29th Jun 2012 View Glenn Hadley 1ha Gamlingay Cattle or sheep Summer,Autumn
28th May 2012 View Adam Hudson 2-3 acres Kettering Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
15th Mar 2012 View Dawn Miles 6 acres Willington Beds Horse Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
02nd Mar 2012 View Fraser Bradbury 13.5 ha Brigstock, Northants sheep Autumn,Winter
13th Feb 2012 View Rob Green 2.3ha Desborough Cattle – preferably native speices Spring,Summer,Autumn
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Displaying 1 to 20 of 35

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