Grasslands and Garden Furniture


Grasslands are the large open areas, big spaces where wildlife and farm animals can graze and enjoy their life outside. There are often not many bushes or trees, are mainly contain flat plains of grass, which remain fertile with approximately 20 inches of rain per year. The soil is often very deep, giving the grass the perfect platform to grow tall and strong. In America they are known as the prairies.

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How Can Garden Furniture Effect Wildlife?

It’s an important question to ask, as garden furniture can have a real effect on how the wildlife in your general garden area behaves and is effected. We’ve been looking for companies who have a pro-active attitude to wildlife and garden furniture, those which have gone out of their way to stock recycled materials, and wildlife friends furniture sets that really stand out among the crowd. These retailers are: Tesco, Garden Centre Shopping UK, and Big Lottery Fund. They have the most wildlife friendly garden furniture and advice that you will find online, best in the United Kingdom by a mile.

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