Welcome to the directory page of Cut&Chew.  This page is designed to help land owners/managers and animal keepers to manage and care for their grassland and animals by providing a list of contacts, most being from the local area.  For example, if you need to find a local animal feed supplier or a local sheep shearer, please have a look at the feed supplies and shearer and stock person pages.  Alternatively, if you have work you need doing on your grassland, such as cutting/mowing, scrub removal, fencing erection or repair, please have a look at our contractor, volunteer group and fencing directory.

If you would like to buy or sell hay through this website please click here.

If you are an individual or company and would like to advertise your services in the directory please contact us.

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The admin of the Cut and Chew website, and activist for improving the UK grazing landscape.

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